Press Re­lea­se: HEL­SIN­KI LEFT beco­mes a chap­ter of Left Al­liance

The Left Alliance has a new chapter, HELSINKI LEFT, that aims to address issues like xenophobia, discrimination and workers’ rights. The chapter is led by immigrants and works to better represent and integrate minority groups in Finnish politics.

The association was founded in the aftermath of the 2023 Finnish Parliamentary Election.

“We are concerned about the government programme’s severe attacks on workers, trade unions, social security, and immigrants. The election of the far-right coalition is a direct threat to all workers, but particularly minority groups”, the chapter’s Co-Founder and Chair Nick Walters says.

“Immigrants represent a growing section of society, but are more vulnerable to attacks on workers’ rights and cuts to social security. Many are disenfranchised from politics and unaware of their rights. We are taking action to engage more immigrants in politics and public discussion.”

The chapter strives to better represent minority groups, for example by fielding candidates in elections. The chapter also plans to organise events which bring together Finns and immigrants, improve intercultural exchange and understanding, and ultimately, heal divisions.

“Finland, like much of the world, is currently blighted by xenophobia, as politically disengaged groups seek simple explanations as to why the economy is failing to serve them. This needs to change.”

The chapter has already co-organised various events, including a public forum on the effects of the 2023 government programme on immigrants, a protest against the proposed immigration policies, and a public forum on how to achieve justice for trafficked and exploited Thai seasonal workers.

HELSINKI LEFT is now accepting membership applications. It is open to habitual residents or citizens of Finland, aged 15 and above, who agree to the chapter’s and Left Alliance’s rules, purpose, and party programme. The chapter works primarily in English, and welcomes speakers of any language.

The Launch Party will be held at 18:00–00:00 on 13th October at Maria 01, with speeches by Li Andersson, Katri Kangas, Paco Diop, Gashaw Bibani, and Mia Haglund, with live music and DJs.