Helsinki Left Alliance parliamentary election candidates

2, Zahra Abdulla: I am a midwife and nurse, caring for everyone from babies to elderly people. My strength is my experience supporting the full diversity of families. I have a positive outlook on life, and I apply an ecological point of view to everything. I love jogging and being near water.

3, Outi Alanen: I am an actor, practical nurse, paramedic and city council deputy member, and I serve as part of the Rescue Committee. Important issues for me are work, mental health and promoting peace. As a council member, I have launched an initiative to re-establish Helsinki’s own psychiatric emergency service clinic. I am a board member of the support organization for the victims of narcissism, where I serve as the leader of peer support groups. I am also a member of the Helsinki Region Mental Health Association.
Treat others like you would treat your own child.

4, Paavo Arhinmäki: I am a 42-year-old father of two daughters from Herttoniemenranta. I am a member of Parliament and city council member. I have been politically active for most of my life, and my passion to change things has remained strong– in fact, PM Sipilä’s government has made me even more passionate about promoting justice, solidarity and equal rights every day.

5, Mira-Veera Auer: I am a mother and temporary worker in the service industry. I have lived all my life in the suburban areas of Helsinki and worked in restaurants, storage houses and as a sales person. I am a PAM council member, I am active in HEKA and I am a member of the social services and healthcare sub-committee on the City Council. I fight for justice, and against poverty.

6, Ilpo Haaja: I am a 60-year-old hard working labourer, experienced Chief Shop Steward and a sheet metal plate worker in Helsinki shipyard. I have broad experience with labour union work. I have been politically active for a long time and I am an active member in the Left Alliance. I have held several political positions and many confidential posts. I am a work-life expert and I am familiar with the issues of the disabled. My heart is in the defending the downtrodden. I am a relentless left-winger with strong negotiation skills.

7, Veronika Honkasalo: I am Veronika Honkasalo, a city council member, the vice chairperson of the Left Alliance, youth researcher and a mother of two from Tapulikaupunki, Helsinki. I want to see an equal and fair society where everyone’s human rights are respected. Future generations are entitled to well-being and the right to live. Finland needs leaders who have the courage to question the current, very one-eyed politics. We need politicians who can dismantle structures that create inequality and destroy the environment.

8, Sirkku Ingervo: I have worked for 26 years in municipal politics, defended Helsinki’s suburbs, and fought for single parents. I defend the oppressed. I am a special needs teacher, career councillor and social worker. The heart of a mother and woman’s wisdom is needed in politics.
I am an advocate for free education, fair family politics and clean air!

9, Mai Kivelä: I am a city council member and activist. I have MA in Environment and Development. I am a mother of two. I manage the operations of the Animalia animal rights organisation. I am a candidate because I want to do all that is possible to fight climate change. I am committed to work for ecological sustainability and equality, now and in the future. #climate #feminism #basicincome

10, Heikki Kuula: I am first and foremost a 35-year-old father from Helsinki. I work as a musician. I am a member of the Malminkartano-based band Teflon Brothers and I am also a solo artist. I think that youth services, free education and other services need more resources. We can win these resources by increasing the taxes on the wealthy and major companies. In the government, I would do everything I can so that the future generations will have the same opportunities I have had as a Finn.

11, Lauri Linna: I am a 25-year-old law student from Helsinki. I am the chairperson of the Left Alliance student organisation. I am a red-green poet from Kallio. I fight for justice and equality. Feminism. Basic income. Students. Education. #Linna2019

12, Ajak Majok: I am a 21-year-old equality activist, textile and clothing industry professional and a secondary school graduate. I am a dance teacher and a sales industry worker. I am a candidate because I am determined to build a future with social justice. I want to create radical ecological climate politics and bring back an equal education system.
“We can do better. Let’s do better.”

13, Petra Malin: We have reached a point where we have no time to waste in politics. This is the reason I am a candidate. I am a social worker, researcher, city council and education committee member. Important issues for me are the climate, environment, social and health services, child rearing and education culture and equality.
We can do better – Let’s build a better future now!

14, Silvia Modig: I am a member of Parliament, Environment Committee vice chairperson and a city council member. The most important issues for me in the election are the prevention of climate change, affordable housing and equality. A safe future, affordable homes and an equal society belong to all, not just the few.

15, Sami ”Frank” Muttilainen, I am a 38-year-old culture and youth worker. I am a member of the city council.

16, Tuomas NevanlinnaI am a 58-year-old father from Pohjois-Haaga. I am a culture worker. I am an author, translator, teacher and public speaker. As a theoretical philosophical choice my sense of what it means to be left wing is in constant change. I believe in the Marxist idea of changing the circumstances that lead in the debasing, oppressing, discarding and disdaining others.

17, Irja Remekselä: I work for the underprivileged tirelessly. I have long experience of work and unemployment, homelessness, rented flats and home ownership. My themes as a candidate are equal education, decent livelihood, affordable housing for everyone, supporting starting small businesses and the promotion of peace.
Change things – vote!

18, Galia Suarez Katainen: As an entrepreneur I know about the challenges small businesses face. I want to improve the conditions of small businesses and entrepreneurs. They are major employers and tax payers. We need to lower the risks to small businesses and entrepreneurs by renewing social security. Justice and fighting for the underdog are important for me.
Small fair businesses are the future!

19, Suldaan Said Ahmed: I am a community worker, activist, city council member, andLeft Alliance council first vice chairperson. I work in the the Vamos Nuoret youth project of the Helsinki Deaconess Institute supporting young people not in work or education. Important issues for me are inclusion, climate, and work life. Caring, love and courage are needed in politics.
Suldaan – I am on your side.

20, Heta Tuura: I am a 56-year-old Bachelor in Applied Environmental Sciences and a safety representative in HUS. I fight for the underpriviledged and the elderly. Social and health services and their support services need more resources. Sustainability is vital in environmental and climate issues and in protecting biodiversity.

21, Jani ”Wallu” Valpio, I am a 45-year-old freelancer, ELMU (Helsinki Live Music Association) vice chairperson and a deputy city council member.

22, Anna Vuorjoki: I am a city council member, Left Alliance council group chairperson and HUS board member. I work as a school psychologist. I defend education and mental health services and a strong public sector. Social and health services reform should not expose vulnerable people to profit-seeking predatory firms. This election must lead to more ambitious climate politics.
Fair services, fair policies.

23, Mika Välipirtti: I am an active civic and environmental influencer. I am the chairperson of the Helsinki nature conservation society and I am an active member in several NGOs. I am known for my work for conservation and justice. “Let’s build together a fair Finland, where climate change prevention and eradication of poverty are the most important issues.”
We can stop the climate change and save welfare society.

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