Election themes of The Left Alliance in Helsinki

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Helsinki Left Alliance candidates focus on the party platform issues concerning Helsinki

FIGHTING INEQUALITY — Everyone deserves the chance for a good life

Rising inequality is a problem in Helsinki. You can see this by comparing health and education in different parts of the city.
– We call for a 760 euro annual cap on social and health service fees, because all Helsinki residents should have access to all necessary care. We demand good quality services.
– We will fight poverty by tightening regulations on the cost of housing and simplifying the social security system through establishing a basic income. People deserve social security with dignity and support.
– Helsinki is a diverse city. We will fight discrimination!

CLIMATE CHANGE — Time is running out. We need bold action now!

Climate change affects Helsinki. Let’s do our part to reduce the effects as much as possible. Finland and Helsinki must set ambitious goals in the fight against climate change.
– Protect our forests, islands and shores! Natural landscapes in cities support biodiversity and reduce the effects of climate change.
– We will invest in rail to cut traffic emissions.
– End the use of coal in Finland by 2025.

WORK LIFE IS CHANGING — Education is the best insurance

Working life in Helsinki is changing. We have opportunities from low-paid work through high-tech industries. Expensive housing is holding back our work force.
– Your salary should get you a decent life. We support a minimum wage law, equal pay and tough limits on zero-hour contracts.
– As working life changes radically, education is the best insurance. We support free education at all levels. We will guarantee the right to education without age limits for the unemployed and promote re-training
– We support a 6 + 6 + 6 family leave system for better gender equality in working life.

Read the Left Alliance parliamentary election platform 2019 here.